About Us

AVET Built cares about the health and well-being of military veterans and families that are in need of affordable housing.

We are a veteran-owned small business and verified by the Department of Veteran Affairs.  Please let us know if you want a copy of our non-profit Bylaws and our COI.

Eric Hartlieb, Owner / President of Operations

Eric’s main mission help veterans and families in need.

Caroline Miller, Non-Profit Board Member 

Caroline presents all financial transactions with high standards and sets a tone of integrity to the entire board of directors.  Maintains and presents our IRS Form 990 to the entire board for review and sign off.  Also, Caroline donates her time by registering for other nonprofits.  All of our board of directors donate their time to our mission.

Matt Keller, Director of Construction

Matt has over 25 years’ experience overseeing all phases of multi-million-dollar construction projects, including interior and exterior construction and renovations. Other highlights of his work include extensive HVAC improvements, site improvements, utility relocations, asbestos abatement, concrete and improvement projects of both occupied and unoccupied spaces.

team player, Matt holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, architects, and engineers, resulting in successful construction experiences.

Braden Hartlieb, Non-Profit Disability Adaptive Engineering

Braden’s passion is engineering.  He has helped us modify homes for our disabled families by recommending open floor layouts and wide door openings to better help families move more freely throughout their homes.  Braden has volunteered many hours of hard work helping renovate many homes for our givebacks.  His future college studies and long-term career mission will be engineering future spacecrafts to accept anyone with disabilities.  He wants everyone to have a chance to travel into space in the future.

Julia Hartlieb, Non-Profit Disability Administrator

Julia’s passion is caring for others.  Julia was competitively selected and attended the Career and Tech Center where she became CNA and GNA certified.   She cared for the elderly at local Nursing Homes with her certification.   Her future college studies and long-term career mission is Nursing and caring for others.   Julia is helping our disabled veterans by guiding them to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for Veterans Administration services and medical care.

Colin Hartlieb, Non-Profit Operations Manager

Colin is a natural entrepreneur.  He uses is great marketing skills to help tell the world about our great giveback.  Colin looks for potential homes for families with disabilities.  He has volunteered by helping us renovate many homes for our disabled families.  He recognized that many people can’t physically do many tasks around the house, so created an on-demand service platform to help anyone in need.  Here is a link to his website www.FriendlyNeighborServices.com

Maryland Bay Construction and AVET Built are teaming partners

Rob Burch, Project Manager

Rob reviews and manages the operations plans with Eric.  He brings more than twenty-five years of experience in sales, management, and human resources to the team.  Outside the office Robs is forging new relationships with centers of influence and strengthening relationships with strategic partners.

Our Missions and Donations