Training Videos


Training videos are one of the most effective alternative learning tools available today.  Your message will be delivered accurately and consistently to all viewers.  The owner of AVET BUILT is LEAN Six Sigma and CPIM (Certified Production Inventory Management) certified from APICS (American Production Inventory Control Society).  Eric's certifications and years of experience in process engineering and video production will add clarity and structure to your message.    

More and more companies are turning to video for corporate learning and training. And that’s no surprise considering how far enterprise video technology has evolved in the last 20 years. Quality and accessibility have increased and companies are now able to easily connect and engage their dispersed employees no matter where they are located.  Consistent message across your organization is critical.

But video is doing more than just providing an additional layer of instruction. It is literally transforming the way we learn in the workplace. It’s creating a deeper, richer experience for not just participants, but for instructors too. It’s a win-win for every company looking to enhance their corporate training.

Seven benefits to using video for learning:

1.       It accommodates different learning styles

2.      Consistent message to learning across entire organization

3.       It reduces costs

4.      It reduces travel

5.      Customized Content

6.      It keeps employees engaged

7.      It provides insight

Here are some details for the above seven benefits to using video for learning and training in the workplace.

1.  It accommodates different learning styles

It is said that people only remember 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, and 80% of what they see.  Video actually incorporates a variety of learning styles.  This includes kinesthetic, read/write, visual animation, photographs, and visual processes.  Traditional training once included a manual of notes.  Some team mates will likely not fully understand text concepts and even feel embarrassed to ask the instructor to repeat what he/or she said in front of their co-workers.  With video, you just rewind and repeat with a click of a button. 


2.  Consistent message to learning across entire organization

Word of mouth training will be translated differently depending who is giving the training.  With formal and consistent training videos, you message will be accurate, clear and consistent.


3.  It reduces costs

Traditional Corporate training can be costly and time-consuming while trying to pull all your employees together into a room.  This takes many physical and repetitive meeting times.  Many companies need to reserve or even rent a facility which is a physical burden to your organization.  What about your employees that are out of the office, vacation or out sick.  Corporate video training can be used for new hires, department on-boarding, product training, company announcements and news.  Video training can be transferred to your team anywhere at any time.  All your team needs is an internet connection, and your team will receive your training, from home, office or from a remote location.


4.  It reduces travel

One of the biggest benefits of corporate video training is the reduction of travel.  You will eliminate plane travel and time away from the office or home with video training.  You no longer have to waste time arranging product training in multiple branches and locations.  Having rich training content at your fingertips, can help connect your subject matter experts around the world to your team without having to bring in experts.  This will dramatically reduce your costs and headache when scheduling travel.


5.  Customized Content

Your company will have a customize library of video training tools, which can be viewed by all of your managers and employees across your entire company.  Live presentations can be recorded and time stamped, so your managers can query a video library according to specific relevance.  This increases engagement because your team will view relevance instead of non-related material.

Avoid the traditional one size fits all approach.  We will help you customize your training video to fit your audience.  The accessibility of video library and platforms results in a higher engagement rate than traditional training methods. 

Managers can use video to record employees in action and then use the video to give effective feedback for process improvement and development. Video can also be used by team leaders during group exercises to view, reflect and discuss sales strategies that aren’t working successfully, or analyze body language or speech patterns that affect a sales pitch.  Feedback and reviews has become a regular part of business so your team will welcome feedback and help them grow in your organization.


6.  It keeps employees engaged

Employees can view the training video at their own time, pace, and own their own device which often includes mobile.  How many times do you pick YouTube when trying to learn instructions, techniques or information?  We are finding ourselves viewing video instead of flat boring text.  Video motivates and engages employees in a way text instructions communication can’t


7.  t provides insight

Training videos allow you to track training course completion, helping you immediately know who has received training and who hasn’t.  You can track attendance and engagement, giving you feedback if your content is easy to understand and which content is more difficult.  Video allows you to use animated visual aids for more in depth learning.


 Let our team work with you to deliver any Training videos such as:


  • Continuing Education

  • Seminars/Lectures

  • Sales Presentation Training

  • Assembly Line Procedures

  • Food Preparation

  • New Equipment Training

  • Safety Training

  • New Employee Orientation

  • Security Personnel Procedures

  • Software Introduction and Training

  • Maintenance Training

  • process and Procedure training

  • Company POLICY training

  • employee Job training

  • Federal Government Policies Training

  • Product Testing

  • Nutritional/Physical Training