Multi-Media Services

Welcome to AVET BUILT Multimedia, serving Nationwide and focusing on all of Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and Virginia.  We have over 25 year's experience in audio and video production.  We will impress you with our Training/Educational Videos, Commercial Production, Promotional Videos, & Photography.  Also, we offer a large variety of quality audio/video products and supplies including state-of-art workspace home theater systems and installations.  

Visual Communication is Powerful and is Rapidly Expanding!

We are living in the “Visual Age” of communication and collaboration. Now more than ever people are connected to all forms of visual media Web, TV, Film and Social Media. Video is the most powerful outlet for promoting, training, communicating, entertainment, sports, news, and marketing. Billions of people around the world absorb millions of hours of visual media a day. Communicating and Collaborating with your customers, partners, employees and your valuable audiance is more important then ever. Take a look at some of the incredible stats below.

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual!
  • Video content generates over 90% of Internet traffic!
  • 96% of online viewers watch videos!
  • 60% of website visitors watch video before reading text!
  • Average Americans watch 218 hours of TV a month
  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month!
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost one hour for every person on Earth!
  • 50% more people watch YouTube videos than last year!
  • Visitors continue navigating your website for 2 more minutes after watching video content!
  • 75% of viewers purchase a product with a related video!
  • Viewers visit a website for only 48 seconds, but if a website has video the average increases to nearly 6 minutes!

What We Do

AVET BUILT is a combination of the top leading professional camera operators, producers, editors and post production effects professionals along with a wide array of production resources. We understand your specific needs, goals and vision, so we will capture jaw-dropping and exciting video and photographs that will be cost-effective for your budget. Our videos are designed for maximum impact to your bottom line and growth. Since we have been in the photography and video business for over 25 years, we have pulled together a well talented team of script and copyright specialists, pilots, camera operators, graphic designers, photo and video editors.  Also, we specialize in Production Staffing and Audio/Video equipment.


Government/Healthcare Video Production

Healthcare videos are produced to convey the clinical excellence of medical centers, hospitals, health care organizations, medical and dental private practices, veterinary clinics, and more. More and more, healthcare videos are featured on company websites, social media sites, in waiting areas and patient lobbies, to attract potential patients or to market patient services. Healthcare videos are also used by medical or dental professionals at meetings, medical conferences, or to present to corporate boards or to investors.

Preventative Healthcare videos are very effective when trying to show and educate your patients.

Training/ Educational Video Production

Training/Educational videos are one of the most effective alternative learning tools available today.

More and more companies are turning to video for corporate learning and training. And that’s no surprise considering how far enterprise video technology has evolved in the last 20 years. Quality and accessibility have increased and companies are now able to easily connect and engage their dispersed employees no matter where they are located.

But video is doing more than just providing an additional layer of instruction. It is literally transforming the way we learn in the workplace. It’s creating a deeper, richer experience for not just participants, but for instructors too. It’s a win-win for every company looking to enhance their corporate training.

Commercial / Promotional Videos

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.  Using video to commicate and promote your product or company is way of the future.  Also, 96% of online viewers watch videos!

Aerial Drone Video

Add breathtaking aerial video to your Commercial, Promotional or Training video.

Need a cost effective and safe way for residential, commercial or government site inspections?

Closed Captioning


Benefits in adding Closed Caption

Improved Viewing/Learning Comprehension

Improved User Experience

Sound-Sensitive Environments or Situations

Disability Discrimination Lawsuits

Increased Website Search Engine Ranking

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewer Accessibility

Translation into Foreign Languages

Live Streaming

Share your message and training throughout the world in high quality audio and video.  Give your team the ability to interact live.

Post Production Services

AVET BUILT film and video post-production services consist of Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Voice-Over, Music & Sound Design, DVD Authoring, Web Conversion, Compression, and Posting.



Add to your video by incorporating professional photography.

We will capture your corporate or government event with high resolution photo images.  



Here are some of our clients:

Health Care Professionals

Dental Care Professionals

Government officials or GSA


Social Media, Websites & Internet Marketing

Roof Inspections, Construction Site Supervision, etc.




Builder or Contractors showcasing their developments

Construction and Supplier monitoring

Public Events, Sporting Events, Etc

Resort and Golf Club Videos

Movie and TV Production / Camera Services

Yacht Manufacturers / Brokerages

Events/ Parties / Celebrations


Building and infrastructure inspections

Advertising and PR Agency Work

Luxury Vehicles and Aircraft / Private & Charter Jet Services

Luxury Resort Casinos, Hotels, Luxury Resorts, Golf Courses

Agriculture inspections


All other needed applications