Add Closed Captioning to Your Video

Why should you transcribe and add captions to your videos? It’s a simple question with so many important answers. Here are the top 8 reasons why video transcription and captioning are beneficial and many times a requirement for both your organization and your viewers.

Improved Viewing/Learning Comprehension

Closed captioning can be very helpful for online learning.  When you read information and hear it at the same time, it helps you remember learning concepts and content.  Closed captions can greatly enhance the learning and experience for viewers whose native language is not in English.  Watching videos with captions can also help children improve their literacy. 

Improved User Experience

Not only can search engines crawl your content more efficiently and bring more traffic to your website, viewers can search and find videos they are looking for.  Your views can search a topic and your video library playlist will present the most relevant videos for viewing.  This fast and accurate video search experience boosts customer satisfaction.

Sound-Sensitive Environments or Situations

There are many situations were views can’t listen to audio like in hospital and doctor waiting rooms, library’s, and other sound sensitive environments, so we highly recommend adding closed captions in these situations.  Also, closed captioning is well needed in noisy environments.

Disability Discrimination Lawsuits

Closed captioning standards for television and media broadcasts in the US are strictly regulated by the FCC.  These anti-discrimination laws were created to protect the rights of people with disabilities to have the same access to resources as the rest of the population.  The CVAA requires companies to provide closed captions so they are fully accessible.  The FCC recommends to proactively transcribe and caption your video to avoid being part of an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

Increased Website Search Engine Ranking

Search engines crawl the full text of your audio and video content and will properly index your videos driving a higher website or social media ranking.  A study with This American Life (TAL) proved that adding transcripts will boost SEO. 

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewer Accessibility

Closed captioning allows an additional 48 million views in the United States alone with deaf and hard of hearing to watch your videos.  Time-synced text is the best audio alternative.  

Translation into Foreign Languages

Video translation is in huge demand and is expanding rapidly.  A video transcript is the first step when creating subtitles in foreign languages.  With 68% of YouTube views coming from non-English speaking counties and 80% of YouTube views coming from outside the US, having translation into foreign languages is a must.